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Career Carnival offers a comprehensive suite of exceptional behavioral training and comprehensive career services, including talent acquisition and managed talent sourcing.

Our Story

Founded in 2018 by an Employability Research Coach and a Finance Expert – Career Carnival is a Training and Recruitment Solution-providing organization. Career Carnival is a one-stop solution for people looking to skyrocket their career as well as organisations who want to take pride in handpicked talent being at their doorstep!

Career Carnival has crossed paths with the lives of thousands and more across various locations through training, counselling, mentoring, life coaching, helping campus-to-corporate and job-change transitions, crafting career journals, training on soft skills, handholding, recruiting, etc. Career Carnival offers a lifetime support system that enables confidence with knowledge and skills, transforming personalities and attitudes, enhancing effectiveness by a life-changing experience – for both job seekers as well as large corporates – India and abroad.

We have a talent network of highly skilled individuals who possess different levels of competencies that enable us to be a trusted partner to both our existing and potential clients.

Our Core Values

At our core, we value integrity, innovation and a deep commitment to the success of our clients and candidates.


At the core of everything we do, lies integrity. It serves as the bedrock of all our relationships - whether it's with clients, talents, or team members.

Meaningful Impact

At our core, we strive to create meaningful contributions that make a difference impacting progress with transformative outcomes.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuous Improvement - always striving to be better, learn more, and grow together.

Excellence as a Habit

Excellence isn't just a goal, it's a habit we strive for in everything we do.

Our Pioneers

Dr. Pallavi Ghosh is an enthusiastic transformational coach, corporate trainer, and HR professional who strongly believes in changing the lives of participants through training. She brings along her 22+ years of Academic & Industry experience. Dr. Pallavi has helped more than 15000 participants in her training tenure and holds a PhD in Communication & Behavioural Skills required for Sustainable Employability. She is empathetic and passionate about interacting with people and has mentored delegates from India and abroad while engaging with various renowned educational institutions & corporations as well. Artful Communication, Empathy & Ethics, Relationship Building, Time Management, with Commitment to Quality are definitely expected when you reach out, whether as an individual or a corporation.
CA Devendra Sharma is a fervent Finance & Investment Expert, a qualified CA with 18+ years of career success and dexterous experience, having worked with the best MNCs in the finance arena. Efficient in finance management and analysis, Devendra has excellent problem-solving abilities while demonstrating resilient analytical and reasoning skills. With seasoned negotiation skills, confidence, and leadership, he can help you ensure remarkable output and performance, whether you are an individual or a corporation.

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