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About Us

Career Carnival celebrates excellence throughout careers. Career Carnival has crossed paths with lives of 1000s and more across various locations through training, Counselling, mentoring, life-coaching, helping campus to corporate and job change transitions, crafting career journals, training on soft skills, handholding and recruiting etc. Career Carnival offers a life time support system that enables confidence with knowledge and skills, transforming personalities and attitudes, enhancing effectiveness by a life-changing experience.

Career Carnival is a leading, experienced Training and Support Services provider. We are a dedicated and dynamic team with a centric core of four very experienced professional assets, from the Academic & Corporate HR & Training, Finance, Marketing, and Strategic Entrepreneurship domains, leading the operations & Functions at Career Carnival. Our training & HR domain experts at Career Carnival, have collaborated and worked with Amity university, IMT, Ghaziabad, GD Goenka World Institute, IILM, Bennett University,,,, Aptech Training Solutions, Hero Mindmine, etc. and would like to now collaborate with you, to work together to successfully address any piece of Training & Recruitment Service, addressing this crucial issue. We have an amazingly talented and supportive team to make that essential difference and provide astonishingly successful results.

Our specialists are like a lifeline to budding as well as veteran professionals. We handhold when graduates jumpstart from the campus to corporate; help them groom themselves better with Developmental Placement focused training. We then provide adequate, desiring, and deserving placements for them, prepare their career journals, resumes, professional biographies, LinkedIn Profiles, crafting a beautiful career story. At any point, we provide private & confidential, professional and personal Counselling/mentoring as well as required analysis to bridge any gap that may be hidden and/or unidentified. Additionally, our mentor is a doctorate in behavioral skills helping with remedial solutions to problems faced by individuals in their lives today. Career Carnival desires to touch everyone’s life with empathy, understanding, make a great change by a small worthy effort. We look forward to making your experience with us from just good or great to unforgettable!

Behind The Scene

Dr. Pallavi Ghosh

Training & HR

Dr. Pallavi Ghosh is an enthusiastic Corporate Trainer, Writer & HR Professional who strongly believes in transforming lives of participants by training. She brings along with her 20+ years of Academic & Industry experience. Pallavi has trained more than 8000 participants in her training tenure and is a Doctorate on Communication & Behavioral Skills required for better Employability. She is empathetic and passionate about interacting with people while building the best rapport that helps transfer the skills better. She has trained delegates from India and abroad, while engaging with various renowned educational institutions and corporate houses.

CA Devendra Sharma

Finance & Marketing

CA Devendra Sharma is a fervent Finance Professional, a qualified CA with 18+ years of conquered career with dexterous experience, having worked with the best MNCs in the finance arena. Efficacious in financial analysis, Devendra has exceptional problem-solving abilities while demonstrating resilient analytical and reasoning skills. With supreme and seasoned negotiation skills, confidence and leadership skills, he has been a catalytic motivator ensuring remarkable output and performance. He holds distinction in training, mentoring and handholding professionals towards process improvements to effectively and efficiently handle pressure situations and multitasking.

Sadhan Kr Ghosh

Strategic Development

Sadhan Kr Ghosh is an Engineer from BE College, Calcutta and an Industrialist, who runs two organizations as the Managing Director, handling the Finance, Marketing, Client Servicing Manufacturing, Designing and Legal functions, singlehandedly. He has a close to 50 Years of veteran experience in initiating start-ups, leading teams handholding both skilled and unskilled professionals. He runs a manufacturing company that is enlisted with not only India’s best Infra Corporations but also known worldwide for quality and on-time production. He brings to the table expertise of situational leadership, ensuring seamless organizational development with total quality

Dipack Hattengdi

Content & Training

Dipack Hattengdi is an industry veteran with 3 decades of varied experience, including managing national responsibilities. Additionally, as a Personality Development Coach, he has trained over 11500 assets in Soft Skills Training, Personality Development. He handles clients/participants with their specific requirements on a one-on-one, as well as, in group interactions, engaging key stakeholders, administering diagnostic tools to understand knowledge/skill levels. Dipack’s training experience covers the following: MDP / FDP /EP /OBT / TNA / TTT Facilitation / Training - Retail & Corporate Sales Training / Motivational Programmes / National Sales Consultancy / Business Development & CRM Skills.

Our Services


The late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India said, "It is not unemployment that is the major problem; it is the question of unemployability that is the major crisis in this competitive arena..." After every student finishes college, his academic knowledge and competencies are tuned. However, he/she has to join and operate in the professional corporate world. It is here that another set of skills, besides the academic skills, such as spoken and written English, Interpersonal Skills, the knack of Negotiation, fundamentals of Leadership play an important role. Absence of any of these skills will negatively affect the candidate's chances at the interview stage itself. The smart, fresh and young eager minds that are the majority of our budding executives and youth are filled up with professional and domain knowledge, technical competence and the zest for adding professional value to their careers. What they lack is a clear cut goal definition and the wherewithal to achieve them in the present competitive corporate world using a focused selection process.

Career Carnival covers up this deep gap, and transforms them into ‘Future Ready’ people, capable of handling their career graphs and seamlessly merging from the campus to the corporates. As a result of the fast paced and unpredictable changes that are likely to occur in the near future, there is urgent and immediate need to provide world class leadership and management training that will support these budding managers to hit the professional floor running robustly and confidently, towards a high growth career, making the organization prouder and appreciative of the transformation that this training has triggered.

At Career Carnival, we have established our credibility by providing comprehensive and well-focused training solutions across a cross-section of the competency domains in the industry. Career Carnival ensures definite and solid solutions to the following Career Stepping Stones for: 1. Successfully Handling Interviews with confidence. 2. Crafting Resumes in a concise, effective and professional manner 3. Cracking Group Discussions with Self Confidence & exceptional ease 4. Using training imbibed Soft Skills to influence confidently, impressively and precisely while expressing & conducting oneself at the job environment.


The launch and birth of your professional resume is principally the crane & pulley dialogue through which you present the best you to the hiring managers! A Resume is the principal intermediate medium to influence and build an effective and promising impression on the potential employer. Remember, to the potential employer you are an ‘anonymous’ entity! To a prospective employer, your Resume is ‘You’ and you must stand out from the rest! A dynamic resume literally & powerfully ‘markets’ your persona and your suitability with prospective employers, snatching their attention while highlighting your robust skills and accomplishments. What an ‘anonymous you’ presents in your resume is that single chance to firmly capture and completely retain a potential employer’s attention. It has to be like the hunter’s single deciding shot!

We completely recreate and tailor your resume from the ground up, emphasizing your skills, expertise and achievements while addressing any other specific issues that you may have, resulting in an eye-riveting, attention grabbing, interesting new profile ensuring you get more success at interviews. Our experience in the resume industry stretches back for more than a decade, having helped 1000’s of clients find very successful and meaningful lifetime careers. Our experts have worked with the leading resume writing services of the best recruiters and believe in delivering the extra, with more reasonability.

Career Carnival attends to all levels of aspirants from the ‘Start Outs’ to the ‘Established Industry Professionals’. The Resume Writing for Fresher/Graduates/Post Graduates promises you that by crafting a tailor-made resume appropriate for your profile. At the next level, your resume plays a key role in your job search and often regulates whether you will receive a call for an interview. Once you have expanded experience and assimilated some critical job skills, it gets critical to highlight only the most important skills and achievements in your resume and a mid-level resume is applicable when you have spent 4-8 years in the industry. To move upward, you need a well-dressed resume. Experienced professionals usually face the panorama of stagnation – ‘Plateau Principle’. As you have grown from one position to another, our most senior level resumes would showcase your individual brand value, qualifications, and professional achievements.


We are a fast growing Executive Search and Recruitment Consultancy with niche areas across industries. Our growth is the result of a deep commitment to excellence in our service performance, delivery and client delight. Our specialized approach ensures provision of superior recruitment/consultancy solutions to candidates and corporates nationally, across categories and experience levels, with regard to permanent career growth appointments.

As an employer if you’re faced with a high number of applicants, or just can’t distinguish between them since the qualifications and experiences are similar, we help you access. It is possible you’re competing for very rare talent, or harassed to homogenize your processes in different locations, we help you sort it. At times, you know that it takes too long to get from application to start-date. We help you accelerate that.


Behavioral skills, Life Skills or Soft Skills refer to a group of Psycho-Social and Interpersonal Skills which can help individuals take informed choices, communicate effectively, develop ‘Coping-With’ mechanisms, and organizing skills that help them continue with an effective, abundant and rewarding professional life. Knowledge was, is and will always be the fulcrum to help one to learn, maintain an upward career growth and meet all our life’s goals. However, in the present highly competitive environment, after attending the best academic institutions, acquiring supreme academic achievements and subject knowledge, management and technical graduates are regularly disappointed when the scope of jobs and employment opportunities fall well short of their expectations. Many, under pressure grab the first opportunity available and they often are unable to sustain themselves. Tragically many are actually underemployed and consequently, having little or no career growth opportunities in most situations. This is a colossal waste of talent.

Post an in-depth analysis (TNA) and delving deeply into what Communication and Soft Skills we have identified what (i.e. Behavioural Skills), business and management graduates basically lack and which unfortunately hampers them from achieving their career goals. These very essential skills comprise Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication, Language Proficiency, ability to effectively Manage Time, Presentation Skills, Team Building Skills, Social and Interpersonal Skills, Motivation, Time Management, Team Building and the basic of Leadership Traits. Soft skills typically deal with how individuals behave with and relate to one another – how they communicate, how well they listen, how deftly they give feedback, how well they cooperate as a team member, if they are good at solving problems, resolving conflicts, both in and out of the work environment.

Career Carnival has a unique methodology, with experienced trainers, training more than decades with great feedback and measurable changes recorded and rewarded for their trainings delivered across various corporate houses as well as reputed institutes like MNCs, Banks like Standard Chartered, Corporation Bank, Canara Bank, IT Organizations like Wipro, Infosys, Educational Institutes like IMT - Ghaziabad, Bennett University, Greater Noida, Amity University, to name a few.


Improving performance is largely about developing your Job Skills (competences). While developing your Soft Skills (competencies) is better served through direction and support, developing your professional character can be achieved by the development and focus on your personal well-being. Counseling and Mentoring encompasses a broad set of skills, approaches and techniques that are essentially aimed at helping individuals, groups and organizations with problem solving, problem management, working through or resolving past issues, or working towards developmental personal & professional aims and goals for the future. The main objective of it remains to improve participant’s performance and fulfill career and/or personal aspirations. Related activities such as coaching and consultancy draw from a similar set of core skills and processes.

Our consultants Mentors/Coaches are researchers in the fields of communication/ behavioral Skills and as is required provide a working relational experience with practical exercises through which we empower and enable the participant to another level of learning and development by sharing personal and professional experiences and resources. They have experience of handling, listening and handholding people for more than decades with satisfaction & tremendous hope. We meet, interact and exchange knowledge, improve efficiency and effectiveness in both professional performance and to reach their full potential in their career and personal well-being within their current role. Additionally, we conduct “Need Analysis” for individuals and counsel him/her as needs arise, with a guaranteed change in the positive direction.

At Career Carnival, We help you overcome your fears and doubts, we help you be your own rescue, and help you celebrate yourself and your journey, and bounce back from rejection…we try to help you put yourself first and learn to value yourself, reinvest in yourself and move on pressing the reset button like never before; we want you to discover yourself and go stand in front of the line again; we want to get you motivated, inspired, and transformed like never before; We want to give you a breakthrough at the cost of compromising your comfort & convenience; We will be there as your bag pack…your oxygen… your power boost…your back up, and always want to tell you: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


We are cognizant that employers are increasingly aware of the importance of upgrading the knowledge base of their staff. In line with this we, at Career Carnival, have developed programs and processes to provide opportunities for the training and development of their professional assets.Personal Development does not necessarily imply upward movement; rather, it is about enabling individuals to improve their knowledge, competencies and consequently performance, to reach their full potential at each stage of their career.

At Career Carnival, we post a detailed TNA, establish your Purpose or Direction, Identify Developmental Needs & Learning opportunities, Formulate an Effective Action plan, undertake the required development process, Record, Evaluate and Review with recommendations. We also conduct focused group Personality Development coaching for individuals who want to discover their true potential and soar higher in effectiveness, both personally & professionally.