Essential Tips for Success

Successful people don't do different things: they do things differently. We all have heard this many times. A whole of us move up and down the whole day in a fixed routine like tram cars to and fro on their self-same rails forever till we have no value and are sold as scrap iron. But why so? We all think we are round pegs in square holes: leading a choice-less life as if life is thrust upon us! We often envy the man or woman who succeeds? and when we don't envy, we certainly wish we could do as well as they have done.

The first essential step towards success is faith in oneself. Often this never failing self-confidence is mistaken by others as conceit, ego, and they are perceived as adamant, boastful people. And we tend to pay heed to perceptions. We often forgo our great plans because someone else has discouraged us. If you have not reached the top yet, it is because you allow yourself to be influenced by what people say, or you have taken too many opinions and shared your plan with too many people, stop it!

Pride Vs. Self-Confidence
We must not confuse this self-confidence with Pride. Pride can be of many types: False pride, arrogant pride, snobbish pride and pardonable pride. They are simple to understand by the words themselves. Except for the last one, all the others are an outcome of a petty mind. All of us have a supervisor who steals our credit for his own; but it is even worse when supervisor turns the idea down to you as worthless and then presents it as his own great idea! That is petty! Great minds always acknowledge greatness in others. Do you have a great or petty mind? Try this test for yourself. Record the number of times in the coming week you praise the good work of others and appreciate or applaud their efforts. To start, Just count how many sincere 'Thanks' have you extended? Why does the poor give more tips and the rich give less in a restaurant? Because the poor doesn't want to reveal he is poor and the rich doesn't want to reveal he is rich. But even if they did let the others know, if it is true and they are confident, NOBODY will take it away from them! It’s the same with us.

The other most essential step towards success is enthusiasm. When once asked about the secret of my success: I promptly said, “My bubbling enthusiasm, that is most important in life”. By enthusiasm I don't mean excitement. It is about rational, logical and focused interest in something which will lead you through completely. Because enthusiasm acts like a self-releasing power that focuses the entire personality on the matter at hand. Burning enthusiasm burns all obstacles on the way and not only so, strangely, it is infectious! Check it out: If you see someone who is very smiley, perky, jolly, and enthusiastic, the other people, the atmosphere and environment become so.

Profit to Pleasure
Ever since man measured time by clocks, everyone complains “I can't find time”. No one can. You have to fit 26 hours to 24 hours. Where do you get these extra 2 hours. You don't get it: you make it. You fit in more work of 2 hours into your 24 hours. And how?: by proper planning, cutting down waste time, and budgeting time. Budget time like you budget money: Control and spend on priorities. Test your time budget: Tomorrow, from the moment you wake up till bedtime, jot down how you spent every 15 minutes of the entire period. Don't attempt to make it look well-spent. Then check your notes and make a summary of productive and profitable Vs. non-productive periods. Your results will speak for themselves. You don't have to be productive all the time; Leisure is important; but use it well. Playing a musical instrument for 15 minutes yields more pleasure through self-expression than seeing a two-hour film or listening to a live program for 2 hours. It is better to take a 10-minute brisk walk on the sand than sit on a bench munching peanuts for 30 min. Time Management is important and vital.

3 Simultaneous Persons within Us

We have 3 persons inside us:

1. What we think we are; 2. What others think we are; 3. What we actually are.
The better you get when the 3rd category tries to attain the 1st. However, it is not always mandatory to seek to match the 3rd with the 2nd and try to influence or change others' perceptions of you. You cannot make the whole world happy: Please decide for yourself that it is “OK” if the whole universe does not praise you: you are not God, anyways. You cannot take all people in life with you and run.

He who doesn't know, and knows not that he doesn't know, is a fool – Leave him!

He who doesn't know, and knows that he doesn't know, is simple – Teach him!

He who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep – Wake him!

He who knows, and knows that he knows, is wise – Follow him!

The Final Word: Stay Young

In order to run with time, ravish with enthusiasm, create self-esteem and self-confidence, make pleasurable time well spent, and develop your personality, STAY YOUNG! You need the right health and mind to live well and happy; Remember the old saying from all our mothers: Wealth lost: Nothing Lost; Health Lost: Something lost; Character lost: Everything Lost!! So follow truth, ethics and value system to keep your morals high, then eat and spend your calories well and be healthy and young and evergreen: Wealth, success and happiness will have no options but to follow you like the Pied Piper and his music!